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  1. 14 Feb '11 18:30
    I've been playing on RHP with my dad since we live in different areas. I've found it great to be able to play AND catch up with him. Unfortunately, I keep beating him (and quite severely). So my question is; can I start with a handicap - like taking a rook, or bishop off the board before we start? I'm not interested in playing with a bunch of other people but I would like to get a more even match with my father.

    Thanks for the input.

    PS. I did search before posting.
  2. Standard member ua41
    Sharp Edge
    14 Feb '11 18:33
    On the new game page, towards the bottom of the left hand column is a link that says "Set up your own board". Set piece games are unrated.

    From there you can setup the board in any mannerism you like. If you do decide to give a rook advantage by taking away one of yours, make sure to compensate for the castling conditions.
  3. 14 Feb '11 19:26
    I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks for the quick reply!