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Help Forum

  1. 09 Dec '03 19:12
    Sometimes I would like to print the history of a game. Is there a easy way to do that?
  2. 09 Dec '03 22:40
    I think the easiest way is to click "Get the PGN of this game" on the game history page, then copy the contents of the box with the move history, paste it into a word processor (Notepad will do), and print it from there.

  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    10 Dec '03 09:39
    If would be possible to provide a page showing a mini-board for every move if that is what is required?

  4. 10 Dec '03 11:11
    I think you can use any external program to do the print. Export the PGN, and import in your preferred chess program (ChessBase, ChessBase Light, Bookup, etc.), and use the "print" features of it.

    But it would be nice if you can take a PGN, add some pseudo-commentaries to it, submit it to an app, and get a formatted version of the PGN, with diagrams in every pseudo-commentary. Suposse that everytime the program finds (!#!) in the PGN, it will generate the diagramm.
  5. Standard member thire
    10 Dec '03 14:40
    printing game history is nice, but for online correspondence chess site not very important. I'd perfer to have a perfect pgn... 😉

    could be fun to have a pdf-report of every page... see also:
  6. 10 Dec '03 22:46
    to all previous posters
    Thank you all. I had looked in the wrong direction.I tried My games > my archive > view board. And could not find a way to print the whole game. But if you go to 'info' you get the possibility to print the PGN. Or you can send it to your own emailbox. I'm happy.🙂