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Help Forum

  1. Standard member CFC
    Zak the mad boy
    07 Dec '03 12:45
    scored on the site?
  2. Standard member skeeter
    515 + 30 days
    07 Dec '03 19:23
    Originally posted by CFC
    scored on the site?
    It depends on the differance between your rating and that of your opponent at the moment of the draw offer.
    Go to http//:www7. /obyrne/rhp_rc (no gaps in the string) to calculate your wins/losses/draws new rating
    Great wee tool - I stuck it on my desk top

    BR's skeeter
  3. Standard member gregoftheweb
    The Great Gonzo
    08 Dec '03 22:13
    It was a bit wonky for awhile. My web host (brinkster) just started sticking ads on the free accounts (bummer, I mean what are they trying to do? earn a living?). So I ponied up the 23.95 for a year of web hosting with them now no more ads. First time I've paid for's the end of the free internet, day by day.🙁

    Anyways, the upshot is no more ads, no more wonky pages.