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    09 Oct '18
    12 May '19 02:46
    Clarified Question:
    In the FAQ there is a statement that reads: "If you receive a challenge you do not want to play you can just delete the game. The challenger will be notified by email that you have declined their challenge. Do not feel that you have any obligation to play a game you don't want to."

    I have been included in a clan challenge match and cannot play the new challenge games. I have not moved in these games and the proposed games exceed my "Max Games" setting. I am presented with no "decline" option.

    Can I actually decline the games? Or, if I don't play the games, will I lose by default? Thanks!!
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    20 Jan '09
    12 May '19 07:38
    PM your clan leader. The "delete" button isn't available for clan games but you can resign without moving without personal rating penalty.
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    09 Oct '18
    12 May '19 14:15

    Thank you so much my friend! I played a couple of highly challenging games with your clan leader, Dennis (dsmith) a couple of months ago. Great guy!

    Thanks again for helping a new comer.