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  1. 16 Mar '05 14:24
    How to see the remaining time I (or my oponent) have for a move?
  2. Standard member thire
    16 Mar '05 15:03
    not really an answer, but: click on alert in mygames to sort games by timeout.
  3. 16 Mar '05 16:53 / 8 edits
    Originally posted by Mislav
    How to see the remaining time I (or my oponent) have for a move?
    🙂 Howdy mislav; Let me see if i can help you with this.

    This is what to do:

    How to Find an Opponents Remaining Time

    1. Click on the "My Games" link. (upper left hand corner of the screen.

    2. Find an opponent in the list that you are curious about and too the right of their name, click on the "info" link.
    [That should bring up a screen that tells you how many total days they can miss. (i.e. "Move Timeout"]

    3. Find that same opponents name again and too the right of their name it shows a date of the last time they moved.

    (for example:
    Last move: March 14 02:52
    Move timeout: 7 days
    Game created: ...23:22[hour]

    Subtracting opponents "last move" (example: March 14) from today's date (example: March 16). 16-14=2 (total days missed.) Then subtract 7(Move time out) from the total days missed; 2.
    7-2=5 days left too move.

    But if you want too get really specific you can calculate it down too the last hour (for example: game created ...23:22[hour]) from the last hour that he moved. (for example: 02:52) and it will either be a little over 5 days left too move or a little under that. I am not very good at math so i don't want too calculate that part. I think you'll get my point even though i skipped that part. 🙂 )

    well, good luck with that! 🙂

    Sincerely, Pavlo. 😀

    p.s. an opponents timebank should be considered as well. Using it could prolong things a bit. 🙂