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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 19 Feb '09 13:19

    I forgot how to send my games to my email. Additionally, recent changes to the layout of the RHP didn'e help me to remember how to do it.
    Please, help me with this.

  2. 19 Feb '09 13:40 / 1 edit

    - Click "All games" on top of the page (Current games/All games)

    - Select the games of which you want the PGN. (checkboxes)

    - Click "Email PGN" on the left.
  3. 19 Feb '09 14:37
    Thank you.
    I remember there was a way send humdreds of my games to my email at a time. Could someone help me with this one, plz?

  4. Subscriber Shiva
    26 Feb '09 00:35
    My analize board is not responding. Cany any please help me?