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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Standard member Nemesio
    18 May '04 16:10
    Since tournaments now have shorter timeout periods, especially those with one day timeouts and given that timebank is precious for those who don't access this site on the weekends, would it be possible to send either an email or a RHP message giving a 24 hour headsup on when tournaments are going to begin? Just a thought.

  2. Standard member Toe
    18 May '04 19:46 / 3 edits
    Possibly consider adding timout settings of the form "n day +w/e" where the time during the weekend doesn't decrement the clock? The timebank would remain as is.

    It would need some ironing out: we're global but the w/e is not: theres a +/-12 hours variability on that chap. But I'm sure if its got any legs as an idea, somebody can figure out a way...