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  1. 16 Apr '17 20:59
    It is currently April 16th, 16:50 EDT. I've been timed-out in two tournament games, id#s 12120578 and 12120576 (same opponent--"autolycus"😉, both of which indicate the last move to be Apr 15 2017 05:02. This is a 3 day timeout tournament, so even the time difference with GMT would not account for the 3 day period. (Perhaps I am mistaken, and the indicated last move of Apr 15 2017 05:02 is possibly not an actual move but rather when the timeout was claimed--not sure whether or not the timeout claim is regarded as a move.) Has such happened to anyone else? Please advise.
    Much thanks,
  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    16 Apr '17 23:47
    When the timeout is claimed it registers on the "last move time" indicators. If you're in any doubt as to the actual times involved, check the game log tab on the playing screen, where each event is timestamped and you can do accurate calculations.