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    26 Mar '02
    29 Nov '17 19:25
    So I loaded up the handy dandy IOS app, and I'm not seeing it background refresh, or send me push notifications.

    I did check, and the options are enabled to do so. I am on IOS 10.3.3 with the latest version of the app.

    I _think_ this is coincidental, but I did disable email notifications. I'm unsure if that's what's causing it or not. I'll try and re-enable those, but I can't imagine those two are tied together.
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    21 Feb '01
    30 Nov '17 09:342 edits
    Currently, both Android + iOS use pull notifications, not push.

    Unlike the Android app, there are no notifications at all on iOS if the app is closed though. (Only if in the background)

    Push notifications are being added to Android right now (I have literally been working on it all week - a necessity as the previous method fails on Android 8+ anyway), and will appear on iOS soon after. It has always been on the road-map, just not implemented until now.
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    26 Mar '02
    30 Nov '17 13:47
    OK, well that fits better with what I'm seeing anyhow.

    The app doesn't refresh even after 5 minutes in the background. So when I just leave the app, I get the notifications then I have to manually refresh the my games page.

    Let me time it out once and see what it is, it's possible that I'm mis-interpreting the time, and since I've not measured it....well, you know. 🙂

    I'll get back to you on the refresh time then.
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    26 Mar '02
    30 Nov '17 15:20
    OK, so i timed it. I've waited now 10 mins, app in the background. And no notification bubble and when I go into the app, no games on the my games tab/page. if I hit the website here, it does show games having moves.

    I waited this one out, and it's about 60 minutes until I get the badge notification and the my games tab is showing me games.

    I did re-enable email notifications, didn't seem to make a difference, though I said I'd try it....and I did time myself for the 5 minutes to ensure I didn't go back into the app straight away. I do have the app set to a 5 minute refresh interval.
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