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  1. 09 Dec '03 23:24
    I don't know how to put it in english (I'm from Brazil🙄), so if you cannot understand it right from the first time, you can blame me. There's an Internet Chess Club (they play by email) that is running some sort of king of the hill kind of tournament (they call it pyramid chess). The rules are:

    1. Anybody can join at any time. 🙂

    2. You start at last position, and can challenge someone that has a better position than you.

    3. Challenger get's black, defender get's white.

    4. If you defeat the defender, you get his position (so, winning against top player makes you the top player), and he is pushed one position to bottom (as it turns, everybody that is between you and the challenger is pushed one position down this case).

    5. If you fail to defeat the defender (either by a draw or by loosing the game), then you cannot challenge him again in your next game, you must choose someone else.

    You can put some records, as who is in the 10/100/1000 top players for more time, who is the top player for most time, who is the better defender, who is the better challenger, and so on. To avoit top players being overhelmed by challengers, you can put some kind of limit in the distance you are and the player you can challenge, for example - maybe you cannot challenge anybody that is 100 positions far from you -, and anybody that has 20 games cannot be challenged for any more game, until some game is finished, and nobody can place more than one (or another number) challenge at time.

    That's only an idea, I hope you like it...
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    10 Dec '03 00:56
    Thanks for your idea.

    Anyone else like this one?


  3. 10 Dec '03 01:55
    Originally posted by Russ
    Thanks for your idea.

    Anyone else like this one?


    Russ, you must be a machine, cause I don't get it

  4. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    10 Dec '03 06:18 / 13 edits
    Originally posted by TimmyToilet
    Russ, you must be a machine, cause I don't get it

    I agree with tim - i think russ is using computer assistance and should be banned 😛

    Edit : i think the idea sounds good. (i assume each player would only ever have 1 game as black and one as white (1 as chllenger and 1 as challenged))

    Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Just trying to see how many edits i can do, but i got distracted at 13 just like my best friend.
  5. Standard member NicolaiS
    10 Dec '03 08:40
    It sounds like "my" suggestion of pyramid chess at an other threadh ... 🙂
  6. 10 Dec '03 11:05
    I saw that suggestion of "pyramid" chess, and posted this because I think it's different. Well, not so much different, but different, in some ways.

    Instead of defending your crown against who is in the level under, you have to defending your position against everybody that is in a lower position, not only a level. You don't have any level at all, only a kind of queue, and everybody has a position in that queue.

    You can even make a "king of the hill" a default to all players. I mean, when you subscribe to TfC, you get the last position, and is informed of that; when you are searching for opponents, if you choose someone that has a better position than you, you will have an option to play a "King of the Hill" game (in the case the challenged one is not defending his position with more than a certain number of challengers), where you will get the black team and the defender, the white, and your position will be changed by the result if you win.

    Obviously, if you don't play KotH games, then your position will change as a result of newcomers going up the "hill".

    There's a point that is not clear to me: what happens if you are challenged and loose, and, at the same time challenges someone, and wins. You will lost a position for the challenger, but what position, the new one you get when you win the game as challenger, or the one that you lost as defender? Maybe it will become more easy to program if you allow that all palyers can be playing only one KotH game at a time.