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  1. Standard member TippedKing
    Blunder Grandmaster
    30 Dec '05 19:57
    I used to access my waiting games by going straight to that URL. A few days ago that stopped working and now I get a 'that page is not available' screen that allows me to click on the main homepage for RHP, then from there I can click on my games and it takes me straight to the URL I have in my favorites.

    Was this change intentional?
  2. Standard member celticcountry
    Copyright ©2001-2006
    30 Dec '05 20:50
    are you sure you cant?

    I just added a game to Favorites.

    I found I could close the window . re-open it and still get there through the link i just created.
  3. Standard member TippedKing
    Blunder Grandmaster
    31 Dec '05 03:09
    Yes, I am sure. Ever since I created my account here, which admittedly is only a few weeks ago, I have in my favorites:

    ...which has worked great for going straight to my list of current games. Starting a few days ago that link stopped working, but it worked flawlessly the first few weeks. I was just curious if something changed.
  4. Standard member skeeter
    515 + 30 days
    31 Dec '05 03:44 / 1 edit
    New server, new link. It's now ...> /mygames/mygames.php. for your main games page.


    PS edit: load the site manually and then overwrite the favourites shortcut . Should be Ok

  5. 31 Dec '05 03:44
    The same thing happened to me, I assumed it was to do with the site update so I just deleted the old bookmark and remade one and then it was ok.
  6. Standard member TippedKing
    Blunder Grandmaster
    31 Dec '05 05:40
    Ah, it does work again. I guess I didn't look closely enough. I didn't notice a difference in the URL, but re-creating the favorite definitely fixed it.