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Help Forum

  1. 22 Dec '07 01:09
    when trying to start a new game a message comes up saying the limit at the moment is 6 games concurrently, that's fine but... (possibly) incidentally the play blitz option wont load properly, is does not show any people in the waiting room, even though I myself am in there. Does the six concurrent game limit apply to blitz as well?

    Thanks for your help
  2. Standard member Lukerik
    Stick your hands up
    22 Dec '07 01:25
    Never played blitz when I had a game limit but I'm almost certain it doesn't. I've had this problem before as a subscriber. I'm sure I've seen a thread giving advice somewhere back in the list...
  3. Standard member Smiffy
    22 Dec '07 11:31
    no it doesnt apply to the blitz.your probably only person in there because nobody else has loaded it can play 1 game of blitz at a time....🙂.if you subscribe you can play as many games as you like here then.