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Help Forum

  1. Donation buckky
    Filthy sinner
    17 Dec '02 00:13
    I can no longer send a message to who I'm playing. The new message button does not go anywhere for me. The size of the board also is to
    big to fit into the screen. I can't see the entire board no matter how I down size it. I have to set up a real chess set next to me, and use those
    oieces to see what is going on. Any help on this issue would be more than appreciated.

  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    17 Dec '02 12:22 / 1 edit
    Please reply with your browser version and OS system please.

    The site has had to move on, it is a difficult decision because I know
    this will exclude some, but to progress, some older browsers may
    have to be left behind.

    A complete site interface redesign is due over the Xmas period - this
    may again create further problems for some. I will be working on an
    alternate interface too, which should be web tv friendly - and solve a
    lot of problems.

  3. 17 Dec '02 16:19
    I was having the exact same problem. I am on an iMac using Netscape 4.5. I
    changed to Netscape 7.1 and now everything works. If you change to a newer
    browser maybe things will clear up for you too.
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    17 Dec '02 22:10
    I will soon state on the homepage which browsers are supported to
    avoid this problem in future.

    Netscape 7.x is definitely among that list ( and a fine browser it is, too)