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  1. 27 May '10 03:38
    I sincerely hope I have not overlooked the answer to this question in the FAQ's so please accept my apology if I have. Once I finish a game, I click on the "archive" symbol to save that game however, when I go into the archive folder, there are no saved games. I'd like someone to tell me where all my finished games have gone. Thank you in advance for your response.

  2. 27 May '10 11:36
    it should be there somewhere... how many folders have you?
  3. 27 May '10 12:15
    Trev is pointing you in the right direction.

    At the end of a game when you click on the folder icon it should give you a choice of where to store the game from a drop down menu. If you have created additional folders apart from the "inbox" and "archive" ones that RHP provide, then you can place it in one of those. Is "archive" completely empty? Perhaps with 100's of games there you are overlooking the one you want?
  4. Standard member Daemon Sin
    I'm A Mighty Pirateā„¢
    27 May '10 17:30
    Also, check that you don't have any Game Filters (options on the left) selected.

    If, for example, you had the My Move filter turned on, then you won't see any games in your archive.