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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 28 May '04 19:24

    When I look at my Profile, it says I have 14 drawn games. However, when I look at My Performance, it tallies 17 drawn games. My wins and losses match up.

    One thought is that maybe 3 of my draws were in private games. However, if private wins are in the profile, the draws should be as well.
  2. 30 May '04 00:35
    Unrated/Rated games perhaps? I am not sure if I am following you here.
  3. 30 May '04 00:40
    Set piece games show up in My Performance but not in your profile.

    Not sure if that accounts for your difference between the two.

  4. 30 May '04 19:26
    That's it. I went back and checked and I had 3 drawn games from set pieces. Thanks.