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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Standard member Ravello
    The Rude©
    15 Jan '04 13:57
    I drawn a non rated game but in my stats I seegames played 47,games rated 47.How's that?maybe a bug?
  2. Standard member Ravello
    The Rude©
    15 Jan '04 14:03
    Nevermind ,now it's all right ,48 played and 47 rated...........
  3. Standard member thire
    16 Jan '04 09:46
    A bit off topic (not a bug), but I post it here:
    what about the possibility to link a url to the personal website (like for the clans) in the playerprofile?
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    16 Jan '04 12:28
    By pure coincidence, I had considered this today. I was thinking about adding reciprocal links – just to boost RHP in the Google rating (This is soon to be my mission as we have dropped a few places). So, you can add a link to your profile if you provide a link back. The only thing stopping me doing this is the admin overhead of verifying the content of every site that we link too. Anyone else want this though?

  5. Standard member thire
    16 Jan '04 14:31
    I just had the very very good idea, that anyone who wants that can put the adress in his profile - not a link but it's there... 😵

    PS: If I am alone with that forget it! I don't think that this is important (as many of my wishes) 😉