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Help Forum

  1. Standard member Vovochka
    Caro-Kann Lover
    14 Jan '05 16:57
    I have Hiarcs 7.32 engine
    In fact I don't know much abt using it.
    I wonder if I can somehow take tha finished games from RHP and import them into my engine - so I could analyse them.
    If it is possible - please describe the process step by step - cause i'm not good in comps
  2. Standard member thire
    14 Jan '05 18:57
    Sorry I can't help with this engine.
    search for "xboard" or "Arena" and download one of these free chess GUIs. You can use them to play against (or analyse with) many many different engines (eg Hiarcs).
    It should be easy to import the pgn or FEN of a RHP into these GUIs.
    Post here again when help is needed (to install or import). 🙂

    PS: visit