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  1. 19 Jan '11 04:35
    I'm new to the site and just joined my first tournament...logged on next day and found about 20 games waiting...1 day timeout...saw a warning that said your number of games would increase but I had no idea how much and couldn't find detailed I expected to play all games concurrently? Name of tourn is split zero or close to that...a little help, please?...Thx...Chol4EC
  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    19 Jan '11 07:16
    In the first tournament page - the one where you add your name to the list - it shows "group size". Number of concurrent games is equal to (group size minus one) times 2. You happened to pick a tourney with a very large group size. You only have these alternatives: resign immediately, no effect on ratings but they may/will count in your win/loss ratio; let them time out (will affect ratings if you've made more than two moves) which will affect your rating; or make at least one move per day in each game and take it on the chin. Good luck!
  3. 19 Jan '11 08:07
    If you look at 'Help' 'Tournaments' you can find out about the different types of tournament and pick one thats more suitable next time. Since most of your games are over 2 moves old your rating will drop if you resign them.
    If you stick with the games the pressure will ease as games finish.
  4. Standard member zozozozo
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    19 Jan '11 11:57
    Originally posted by lundybishop
    If you look at 'Help' 'Tournaments'
    Help : tourn
  5. 19 Jan '11 12:31
    You have 26 games in progress, which is not too bad except for the large number of 1-0's. Don't add any more games until the tournament load starts to drop as games finish, but even at 1-0 that may be several weeks. Now stop posting and get to moving! 🙂
  6. 20 Jan '11 00:19
    Thx to all for help/advice!