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Help Forum

  1. 14 Aug '08 00:04 / 1 edit
    A game has sprung up in the "my games" section for me. Do you have to accept the game, or does it just begin. I ask because I am playing black, and the person playing white has not made a move yet (it has been a couple of days), yet the time is not counting down.
  2. 14 Aug '08 00:20
    If it is the one with "silent flash", there should be a trash can icon next to it in the game list (you may have to scroll to the right to see it). If you don't want to play this game, click the icon and the game is gone. When you are waiting for White to make the first move, you don't see White's clock running, but it is moving in the background. After that for each move you'll see how much time your opponent has left to move.
  3. 14 Aug '08 00:40