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Help Forum

  1. Standard member Toe
    28 Aug '03 12:31
    Firstly, consider the 'game history' button as compared to the 'analyse board' button. Both open the same screen, but the analysed board function does it in a new window, avoiding the need to 'return to game', which is often slow. Perhaps both should open new windows?

    Point number 2: Message log (more significantly really)
    This would be much nicer if it opened in a new window thanks to the time spent going back / forward to the game screen and also in that you might want to refer to one message in the log while writing another on the game screen.

    Point 3: tooltip the last message over the current one? Maybe tricky, but it would be well cool: no real need to open the message log at in most cases then. (I imagine there isn't really room to leave the last message up on the screen as well as a new one).

    Thoughts anyone?