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Help Forum

  1. Standard member Coletti
    W.P. Extraordinaire
    16 Mar '04 00:34
    What if you couldn't gain rating points for timeouts? You would still lose points if you use up your time, but not gain any for timing out your opponent.

    Same idea could be used for points gained by resignations when less than 'x' moves where made. You could lose point by resigning , but not win points. Would that not discourage cheating a little?
  2. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    16 Mar '04 02:06
    In my (somewhat limited) experience, the only players who run out of time are those who are losing their games. I currently have a game with 2 rooks, and a pile of pawns against a lonely king, and my opponent hasn't moved for almost a month. I am 1-2 moves away from mate. The game will time out in about 6 days. Why shouldn't I get the points?

    Time management is part and parcel of the game. Those who abide by the time constraints should be rewarded when their opponents falter. The last thing we want to do is encourage players to abandon their losing games rather than playing them out or resigning them.
  3. Standard member Coletti
    W.P. Extraordinaire
    16 Mar '04 02:29
    Good point.
  4. Standard member Redmike
    Godless Commie
    16 Mar '04 10:23
    No rating gain for a win in less than, say, 10 moves is fair enough. If the win is legitimate, then the winner can contact the admins to get it included in the rating process.
    That's the process on another site I used to use, and it works reasonably well.