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Help Forum

  1. 07 May '04 12:01
    Hi, can someone help please?
    I started a game on 16th April against Tarkil, game ID 478946. I have been waiting now since 27th April for Tarkil to move, I have sent a message also, but there is just no response. How do I cancel/delete this game?

  2. Standard member tejo
    a unique loser
    07 May '04 12:05
    you should be able to delete the game or claim the win in list of your games. Just go to 'my games' and there you should be able to click on the delete button or the claim win button.
  3. 08 May '04 12:07
    Thanks Tejo, that worked
  4. Subscriber Brother Edwin
    7 edits
    08 May '04 16:22
    are you sure