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Help Forum

  1. Standard member sulisker
    Keep smiling
    23 Sep '05 23:04
    Is there any way you can get your notes from a game added to the pgn email so that you can view them if using board viewers to replay a game? That would be really handy as the notes would already be combined with the pgn rather than adding them manuallly again to a databse viewer. I'm new here so don't knock me for asking stupid questions
  2. Standard member Drax946
    The Chess Clan
    24 Sep '05 00:06
    Do you mean as a comment before move 1 of the PGN? since the notebook isn't per move that might be a solution as to where to put it. Although some people may not want this, so some options would need to be added as well like a checkbox for options around the "Get PGN for this game", but only if you are one of the players of the game.

    This just seems like it would add some complexity, but not sure if the benefits would out weight them.
  3. 24 Sep '05 21:03
    I would love the ability to save my notes throughout a game and have them sent along with the pgn when I email the games to myself. I have started a new thread in "site ideas" suggesting this.