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  1. 17 Oct '04 12:34
    When trying to make an open invite the site says that I already have 6 games running... But I don't... A bug or am I overseeing something?
  2. 17 Oct '04 12:35
    My profile says that I'm running 6 games too. O_O
  3. Standard member Toe
    17 Oct '04 12:53
    While your profile does indeed state you have 6 games on the go, you only appear to have five public games in progress:
    Game 708519
    Game 689286
    Game 707773
    Game 714934
    Game 714988

    So we have two possible situations:
    You have a private game ongoing which you forgot about, or there is a bug somewhere in the system.
  4. 17 Oct '04 12:59
    Unless I can't count, there are just 5 games under "My Games", so there must be a bug in the system...
  5. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    17 Oct '04 13:12
    If you recently completed a game, it takes a while for the server to catch up with this. This situation has existed for some time and comes up regularly. I don't know if this will ever be addressed by the admin. folks or not.

    So for now all you can do is give it a little more time and then try again.....

    regards, Marc
  6. Standard member Toe
    17 Oct '04 13:13 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by AIMaster
    Unless I can't count, there are just 5 games under "My Games", so there must be a bug in the system...
    A bug seems the most likely case doesn't it?
    There's another possibility: you might have archived a game before it finished, so it doesn't appear on your "My Games" page.
    If you go to "My games", the select "My archives", check that all the games in there are indeed over.
    Its an unlikely cause I'll admit but you never know till you try!

    Edit: Marc's explanation sounds much more likely!
  7. 17 Oct '04 13:16
    And Marc's explanation it was. The problem is solved now. I didn't know this because I've not been hanging around this site for too long.

    Thanks both!
  8. 17 Oct '04 17:21
    Marc, you are correct on the fact that it takes a while. But it never also showed me in my profile that I was playing 10, or a few weeks later, 6 games!

    But I guess scince the problem is solved now...

    Anyway, you could have also accidentely archived the game.