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Help Forum

  1. 27 Feb '08 22:16
    I'm relatively new to the site. Can anyone explain Open Invites that specify a 3 Day Timeout, & 7 Day Timebank, yet the game name states "very fast game, max 40 min!"
  2. 27 Feb '08 22:20
    When one creates a game, a 3 day timeout, 7 day timebank are the default time controls. It is possible whoever you are referring to simply overlooked this.
  3. 28 Feb '08 02:46
  4. 28 Feb '08 03:33
    Also - whatever is written in the 'game name' column is not enforced; it is just the players preference.
    The timebank/timeout are the only enforced part - you can basically ignore the rest with no penalty.