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Help Forum

  1. Standard member dfm65
    The Godfather
    15 Jun '03 19:46
    Hi Russ, I was just wondering if you'd consider adding to the list of available actions after moving. at present, you can see the board in its post-move state, or go to the next waiting game. would it be possible to return immediately to the 'my games' list after moving? this would make a great difference to players like myself who have lots of games, but limited internet quota (mine is 5MB per day) which gets used up at RHP quite quickly. A second unimportant request is that when we select alternative orders on the 'my games' screen, that these persist until explicitly changed back?
    neither of these is very important, so please don't stress about them. they would be nice, though...
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    17 Jun '03 19:04
    Yes, all do-able.

    'My Games' is up for a big overhaul shortly. (my day of departure from work gets ever closer, and I can't bring myself to spend another full weekend at the keyboard until then.)

    But I do have some big changes planned. I will test with people before releasing to make sure it meets the majorities approval. During that work, I will definitely make both these options available.