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  1. Standard member thire
    26 Apr '03 14:28
    just to bring up some old ideas from

    a) line length in pgn-files is 79

    b) according the games-mails:
    why are there always three dots betwen black and white. I don't think this is correct.

    c) castling is O-O or O-O-O (big o's like 'obvious'😉 and not little. every move begins with a uppercase letter.

    d) the result after the last move is missing (or the star)

    e) you don't use all the seven standart pgn-tags

    f) it could be indicated the the game was played at RHP

    h) It would be very nice if the pgn-file is directly acessable under a specific URL. eg:

    i) please offer the possibility of SAN-export (short algebraic notation).

    probably you all know it, but I post a link:

    any chance that I/we get this?
  2. 26 Apr '03 17:04
    I doubt if anything will be done. I brought this up also, and my messages were ignored.

    If this site is going to use PGN it should be done correctly.
  3. 26 Apr '03 17:05 / 1 edit
  4. Standard member thire
    16 May '03 17:43
    Dear Russ,
    just "repair" b) and d) - I'd say these are the most severe faults. The others... okay... 😕
  5. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    16 May '03 23:40

    As I have stated elsewhere, I will be in maintenance mode soon and will be killing off bugs rather than adding features for a while - so this will happen.

  6. Standard member thire
    17 May '03 06:12
    Originally posted by Russ
    ....- so this will happen.

    Russ is the best 😀 😀 🙂 😀 😉 😉🙄😲 😀 🙂 !!!
    RHP is THE site... 😉 😀

    ps: thanks for the quick answer: I missed you in the help/siteideas forum...
  7. Standard member padfoot
    17 May '03 14:28
    Join darkwing clan!
    (adverts for darkwing - I try my best 😉)
  8. Standard member thire
    31 May '03 07:22 / 2 edits
    It could be nice to be able to download /see other's pgn files (eg I want to study lionel's playingstyle offline)
    what do you think about that?

    ps: typing in the page's url does work, but it says "0 emails sent" and I got a blank mail in my inbox.
  9. Standard member thire
    18 Oct '03 15:06
    Originally posted by Russ

    As I have stated elsewhere, I will be in maintenance mode soon and will be killing off bugs rather than adding features for a while - so this will happen.

    okay, rebringing oooold posts is not funny but I'd LOVE to have real good pgn files: I analyse my games afterwards unter Arena ( will it get better? can you give me some hope? 😉
  10. Standard member thire
    30 Oct '03 23:53
    Russ! Russ?? do you hear me? 😉
  11. Standard member thire
    14 Jan '04 14:27
    when you "repair" some of those little pgn-bugs... I have a little wish: give us the option to download ALL games I every played here at RHP in pgn-format.
  12. Standard member thire
    04 Feb '04 08:40
    to complete the list 😉
    save offers of draws:
  13. 04 Feb '04 13:09
    You might like to check out my post "PGN purifier" in the Developers forum.
  14. Standard member thire
    16 Feb '04 10:08
    first of all: for me pgn is fine now after this great work and does not need any fixes anymore.
    neverthless I want to name some little things that are not perfect yet - just if Chris gets bored... 😉

    1) the star after the last move when the game is game in progress is missing (8.2.6)
    2) line length in pgn-files should be less than 80 printing characters (4.3)
    3) save offers of draws: more @ (6.2.10 ...)
    4) for games that were played from piece set a FEN-tag should be added with the starting position (9.7.2)
    5) en passant moves should have a e.p. afterwards
    6) Check and checkmate indication characters are missing (
    7) it could be marked when s.o. claimed a timeout (9.8.1)
    8) there is a specification about comments and how movetimes are saved.
    9) the type of the timecontrol can be saved in a tag (9.5. and 9.6. ...)

    as now pgn is very fine (for me) I want to download all my finished games. Is there another way then clicking on every single game that I played in the last 14 month?
    I know that this raises server traffic, but perhaps we get the possibility to access - let's say 25 - games' pgn via search of public games (to study others' games as well).

    I hope that I wasn't rude or something. I love the site very much and now pgn is very good. Thanks a lot,