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  1. 23 Sep '12 18:49
    I am trying to make a legal move with my king but the box keeps turning pink and I am sure my opponent thinks I am flaking but I am not....can anyone help me?
    game ID - 9460481

    Thanks 🙂
  2. 23 Sep '12 20:13
    Are you sure the move is legal? I would say to check again, after that I don't know.
  3. 23 Sep '12 20:16
    I looked at the game. Your king has no legal moves.
  4. 23 Sep '12 20:39
    so what do I do? I thought it could move under the pawn it is not in check mate there! What am I missing? Thanks....
  5. 23 Sep '12 20:40
    why would that not be legal? King under pawn?
  6. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    23 Sep '12 22:11
    Your king is in check from the queen on c8.
    Your king has no legal moves.
    It is not checkmate, or the software would have said so.

    We are not allowed to comment on a game in progress, but the above 3 items are facts. Have another look at the board.
  7. 24 Sep '12 00:06
    I know.....I feel totally STUPID I see now....I must have gone thru a blind spell. Honestly I am not looking for help playing!!! Seriously.....
  8. 24 Sep '12 00:08
    But I do like the picture of your kitty looks just like mine....have a nice day 🙂