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Help Forum

  1. 03 Nov '04 01:47
    In a challenge between Clan Caissa and Apostles, CalWriter of Caissa is playing Combat Llama of Apostles. The challenge began early in October (2nd?) and Combat Llama has not moved. It also looks like he is no longer a subscriber to Red Hot Pawn. CalWriter has made one move in the game where he has white. Combat Llama has not moved and there is no indication the clock is running. I believe Comat Llama has left Red Hot Pawn. What do we do now? -Delmer, "Clan Caissa"
  2. 03 Nov '04 02:02
    Send a PM to Chrismo (or Russ, though he is not online). Only they can really fix your problem.

  3. 03 Nov '04 02:04
    Thanks, Trekkie. I'll send copy of m origian post in this thread. -Del