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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 10 Apr '03 20:54
    Hi! Ya Folks!

    Ik have a....thing! You've probably heared of me already after my stupid bothering of the maximum of 6 games.
    If you are watching one of your buddy's games you can't go back to your buddy's games list, maybe something to deal with! If possible afcourse! Also, the back icon (on the statusbar of Internet Explorer) doesn't work at this site, it is'nt really that important, but if it could be fixed I would be very happy.
    Also, for those who want to know, at the 21st of April I wil become a pawnstar! (finally)

    Big Chess Hug,

  2. 10 Apr '03 20:57
    Ah, I've red Belgianfreak's post!