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  1. 15 Apr '12 23:10
    On occasion, when reviewing a game's Message Log, I see a message that I don't remember having seen during the actual progression of the game. In other words, my opponent sent me a message, apparently, that I didn't see on my end.

    I experience this bug about once every 20-40 games or so. Or maybe I should say, I _think_ I see this bug about that often. Because I don't know, when I suspect this has happened, that my memory hasn't failed me on the occasion.

    I just exchanged thoughts about this with another RHPer who stated that now and again he's posted messages to his opponents that he thought would have elicited a response but didn't get any, and had wondered about that.

    So, is this my imagination or not?
  2. 16 Apr '12 00:54
    It could of been because you did a conditional move.
  3. 16 Apr '12 04:19
    Sorry, I hardly ever do conditional moves.
  4. Subscriber coquette
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    16 Apr '12 05:50
    Originally posted by CrawlIce
    Sorry, I hardly ever do conditional moves.
    i always get a message that tells me that i missed a message due to a conditional move. i don't think it's got anything to do with conditional moves. never had this occur, though