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  1. 18 Apr '06 00:55
    I just started playing, and one game has not been rated, why?
  2. Standard member Freddie2008
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    18 Apr '06 01:18
    Originally posted by Rabbits
    I just started playing, and one game has not been rated, why?
    Because it is possible to choose whether a game is rated or unrated. If a game it unrated it means that no side will lose or gain any points.
  3. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    18 Apr '06 01:42
    Whenever you start a new game, you can see all of the details concerning the game by clicking the 'game info' link located on the same line as the game, on the 'my games' page. It will be on the right end of the line.

    It is a good policy to do that every time you start a game with someone you have never played before if they created the game, so that you will be aware of what game settings are being used. You should do this before you make your first move!

    If you don't like the time controls or any other conditions, you can delete the game right away without being penalized. After both players complete two moves, you can no longer delete it, so check game info right away.

    If you do delete the game, it would be good to send your opponent a message stating why you deleted the game, and maybe offer to play a game with settings that are acceptable to both of you.