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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    19 Mar '04 05:27
    Hi Russ/Chrisbo,

    Just a thought, is it possible to display a threads recommendations next to the thread in the 'threads list' page? Just a thought, all the other info is there.
  2. Standard member Toe
    19 Mar '04 09:38
    I'd agree: the newly established Debates forum and their gangs of "I'll recommend anything contentious I agree with" dominate the recommended posts list, while the purpose of the Debates forum was to avoid the my gang / your gang warfare that was taking over the general forum.

    I still think a daily recommended list would be great addition. Does that 'loosely associated' point also count as 'pinging my own thread'? (I wrote one about this before, but nobody cared...) I think so. Bad me. Bad bad bad.