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  1. Standard member CFC
    Zak the mad boy
    03 Apr '03 16:52
    Can we retract a move. It'll be really helpful.
  2. Subscriber Flash On Vacation
    03 Apr '03 17:09
    Originally posted by CFC
    Can we retract a move. It'll be really helpful.
    Once you have made the move, it is too late.

  3. Standard member CFC
    Zak the mad boy
    03 Apr '03 17:59
    Originally posted by Flash
    Once you have made the move, it is too late.

  4. Standard member Dalamar
    Lord of the Board...
    04 Apr '03 09:43
    Considering that you actually have to click on a button to say that you are confirming that it is indeed the move that you want to make, does it not make a retract button redundant?

    Make your move, check it, and if you don't like it, change it before confirming the move.

    If you still make a move you did not like after that, then I am afraid it was your choice to do so. The decision was yours and you must live with it.


    PS. I have made so many idiotic moves, it laughable. But that is what makes chess so damn interesting 😉
  5. 07 Apr '03 00:31
    I think it would be a good idea if it could be done.

    The whole point of a "take-back" is to undo a move that you've made. This could be in a game with a real board and pieces, or on a computer. The fact that you have to "confirm" a move by clicking a button on this site makes no difference. Each time you pick up a piece and move it in real-life you are effectly "confirming" a move.

    However you play chess there are always going to be occasions when, subsequent to a move, you realise it's a big mistake and wish you could take it back. We've all probably done it in non-competitive, friendly games and isn't this what this site is?

    I would have thought being able to take-back would be even more crucial in correspondence chess since games can last weeks/months. And to see a long interesting game go up in smoke because of one ridiculous move can be a bit annoying! :-)

    If both players agree I don't see why there would be an "ethical" problem. Maybe there could be an option to switch on/off take-backs.

    Of course I have no idea whether this is technically possible, or if it would just be too complicated.
  6. Standard member Dalamar
    Lord of the Board...
    07 Apr '03 04:29
    Look, I do agree with you in a remote way, but not totally.
    Maybe for non-rated games it could be implemented, and I agree that in a "Friendly Game" that there is no reason why this should not be there.

    However, I do not feel that it should be an option in a rated game. I myself have made many foolish errors while playing, and I have had to live with it. Consider this, you make the move, and only after your opponent has made his/hers do you realise the mistake. That is what chess is all about. Considering your options, checking your move before you do it, and finally making the decision to make that move.
    Basically think before you move, not after you move.

    Secondly, with a take back option, certain players might use this to annoy the hell out of their opponent, making a move and then retracting it over and over and over. Thus ruining what should be an enjoyable game of chess.

    I do see the pro's of a feature like this, for example in non-rated games, but I also see the cons for rated games.

    Have a good day, and thanks for the constructive post 🙂

  7. 07 Apr '03 19:43
    You could maybe impose certain rules for a take-back option to avoid the problems you mentioned:

    Only allowing take-backs if your opponent has not already made their next move

    Giving the right of refusal to your opponent, in which case they will simply ignore your request and carry on as normal

    Both seem reasonable.

    I agree with you partly on rated games though. In that you can argue these are not "friendly" games - after all they contribute to your rating. So people who never retract moves can no longer be compared fairly to those who do in terms of ratings.

    The problem is how to reflect take-backs in someone's performance, or how to attach a kind of cost to it to counter the benefits you gain. You could add another column to player profiles that show the total number of retractions, or take one point away (or whatever seems fair) for every move retracted. Of course you can ask what is the point of including take-backs if their effects have been neutralised. But I think it would make a difference at the individual-game level and would be another feature for this site. But then again maybe it should be for unrated games only!

    Anyway just some of my thoughts 😀
  8. Standard member Dalamar
    Lord of the Board...
    08 Apr '03 06:41
    Good Ideas 😀

    Hopefully one of the site admins will add his comments, so that we can see how the view it.

  9. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    08 Apr '03 13:07
    I don't think we can ever have take backs in rated games. Unless the take back involved you forfeiting the game, which would then be continued as non-rated.
    If take backs were allowed in non rated games then do we really need them in rated games? If you wanted to play a game where take backs were allowed then it's not in the same league of "seriousness" as a rated game, so you should be playing unrated.
    Has anyone concidered/know what the effect would be on the system? Can it handle changing the rules of chess? How would it be marked on the game notes, and how would it be displayed in the game history? This might be a larger job than just putting the piece back.
  10. Standard member CFC
    Zak the mad boy
    08 Apr '03 17:41 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Dalamar

    PS. I have made so many idiotic moves, it laughable. But that is what makes chess so damn interesting 😉[/b]
    I know how u feel. That's why I started this thread.
  11. 09 Apr '03 08:53
    I think it is unnesesary. If you realy want to be able to take back a move. Think Hard before clicking the Move Button. If you find yourself wanting to take back a move after clicking the move button. It Mean that you did not concentrate before moving. You have at least three days before you have to ckick the Move button. Use that time to realy think before you click Move.
  12. 09 Apr '03 09:58
    I think 'take back' should be allowed provided that your opponent hasn't moved yet. Sometimes you can make silly mistakes if you are playing a lot of game concurrently. I always feel pressure to move quickly to get through all the games, but after a while when i look back i feel i've made a really bad move, and it sometimes takes days before my opponent moves. So i don't see why you can't take back move if they haven't move yet?😕
  13. 10 Apr '03 15:27
    I agree, and this is supposed to be fun right? If there is an "on / off option" or an option like the "draw offered" feature there should be no problem?
  14. Standard member thire
    10 Apr '03 18:19
    Originally posted by tr3bor
    ...So i don't see why you can't take back move if they haven't move yet?😕
    there are rules... 😉
  15. Standard member skeeter
    515 + 30 days
    14 Apr '03 11:44
    You cannot be serious!

    The prospect of a "take back move" facility wether ur opponent agrees to it or not is simply ridiculous. In OTB play the tournament rule is 'if you touch it then you move it" - illegal moves and je dube excepted.

    This is a serious chess site and where possibly the normal play rules should apply and if the MAP and POTM wannabe's see that as their reason for playing here then they collectively should consider purchasing Dick Smith Cheatmaster computers and play "take back chess" on those instead of taking up valuable server space on this site.

    Their chess will not improve because they are unable to learn from their mistakes. Where will it end - take back one move - mmmm- no thats no better - better take back another etc etc.

    The problem is, I suspect is that those players promoting the "take back" facility are simply boxing out of their weight class ( read - playing to many simuls ) and when under time pressures ( read T/O,s) they blunder away material and/or position and then look to change the site playing conditions to facilitate THEIR ends.

    Given that most games have a T/O limit of three to seven days the only reason you could possibly blunder is that you have NOT anaylised your position adequately or deeply enough and that is again just time spent OTB.( or in front of the monitor )

    Chess is life but life is chess too, and if we are unable to retract life's little faux pas then it follows that we must suffer the same in the game in ALL aspects of the playing format.

    Thats the female perspective on this

    BR's Skeeter