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  1. 09 May '03 22:24
    I have checked out the FAQ and I cannot see if there is any advantage in playing Black if you are only interested in points. (That does not describe me actually)
    I always thought Black is at a small disadvantage and yet from how the ratings appear to work on RHP that is not so

    Can anyone clarify please

    Thanks John
  2. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    10 May '03 10:10
    There's a supposed advantage in playing white simply because you get to move first - if you're that good. You might be, I'm not & I find that playing black just makes me play a different style of game at the begining.
    Basically, the advantage of being white is so small that unless your above a certain level you'll lose it fairly fast. If it's a problem for you, always start games in pairs.
  3. 11 May '03 06:56
    It certainly isn't a problem. Actually my stats show that I have had better results as Black. I think that is because you are on the defensive in the opening game and white has to make the firts move out of that phase, which often leads to a mistake