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Help Forum

  1. 04 Feb '12 15:42
    Please help I have looked everywhere,my board setting is set for micro and it works just fine.Yet my home screen cuts off just past blitz,blogs and clubs.I am using firefox and it works and looks fine its icons and print are small ,yet in the coarse of playing the games rhp changes in screen size apparently on its own.

    As I play all day pretty much off and on , ANY HELP in this regard would be very much appreciated , I am baffled ????????
  2. 04 Feb '12 15:51
    Mine does the same thing, cuts off the right side at the "urgent games" icon. Do you play on a larger tv set? I play on a 40 inch screen and I wonder if it is some combination of screen size and graphics card not able to pump out that many pixels?
  3. 04 Feb '12 16:17
    Thanks for the reply , most of the time I play on my laptop, and it is only Red Hot Pawn that i have this trouble with.

    It doesnt appear to be a question of not enough screen as the right side is merely white, and " ONLY " rhp, and the funny part is during the course of playing it changes back and forth every few days.

    What i need to know is how to reduce the size of the home page ( again only for Red Hot Pawn ) ?????
  4. 04 Feb '12 17:00
    Found the answer turns out its just a matter of using control button and the plus or MINUS key in my case..