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  1. 26 Feb '04 00:26
    my clans bad ill tell ya straight has 2 members and we havent scored a single pt. yet..i finally had sumtin to yell about when i had a draw agaisnt captainchaos..but it still says our clan has 0 pts. and i had other ppls check it out..bedsides that, it says i havent even played him in my clan smile face win/draw/or lose thingy..but in my archives it says i ahve played him in a clan game and that we did draw..someone look farther into this plz or tell me wut or why sumtin bad happened...plz it may sound like im wining but im a kid and i finally scored a pt. and i dont get it!!!😠
  2. 26 Feb '04 00:46 / 1 edit
    In case the challenge you are talking about is this one:

    Then you did indeed draw one game, but you lost the other - draw gives 0 points, a win 1 point, so the other clan won the challenge 1 - 0. Your clan only gets points if you win, or if you draw the entire challenge. If the total score for the challenge is in favour of your opponent, then your opponent gets ALL the points, regardless of whether you got some points in a game inside the challenge. For example, if you had drawn both games, or your opponent had won one and you had won the other, then the score for that challenge would have been 0 - 0 or 1 - 1, and then the challenge would have been drawn.