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Help Forum

  1. 30 Jan '08 11:27
    When scrolling thru the moves of a game (still in progress) some buggy stuff is happening. From the game play window if I click on the single back arrow to go back one move the game goes back two moves and then if I click on the forward arrow to see the move that was skipped it will not step to this move. The same behaviour happens in the Analyse Game page. The notation for the last two moves that is displayed in the move history list is wrong also. It reports the last two moves as white then black (as you would expect) but the last two moves in the list were actually the last two moves made by white. Blacks actual last move is not in the move list.
    I think you have a bug in your program. This same behaviour occurs in IE and Firefox.
  2. 30 Jan '08 13:20
    The missing data and corrupted logs were reported and discussed in Thread 86108. and the Announcements Forum threads Thread 86160,and Thread 86184. Your two threads (86186 and 86188) are therefore inappropriate.

    It is good practice to check the Announcements Forum when something like yesterday's outage occurs, before adding extra threads about the problems which were already being addressed. Please help us (RHP players) keep our Help Forum clear of duplicated threads, then it will be much more useful to everybody.