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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Standard member gotti2000
    The winemaker
    04 Dec '02 07:53
    Unless anybody brought this up already. A search facility would be
    really helpful in the forums.
    search for keywords and also search for posters. I'm really looking for
    this post I posted two months ago ...


  2. 04 Dec '02 20:26
    Gotti... If you would like some help finding your post, I truly enjoy a
    good research project, almost as much as chess. Let me know what
    the subject was and I'll find it. Paul
  3. Standard member gotti2000
    The winemaker
    06 Dec '02 09:53
    Well, I posted a 'how to put an image on a webserver'. I found the
    post with similar instructions from Chrismo or Russ the other day
    somewhere near page 24 of the General form but mine included also
    the name of a free website.
    I posted that most likely in the 'general' or 'help' forum and the
    subject line contained something like '... how to ...' I guess.

    Enjoy the hunt for the missing post 😛
  4. 06 Dec '02 10:33
    Hi Gotti, I think I may have tracked down what you are looking for...

    Hi Luck!

    ... and everybody who has problems with uploading their pictures:

    Get a free webspace:

    create your free website e.g.

    You can edit and upload your picture through their file manager, found

    Use the URL pointing to your uploaded picture in your RHP profile,

    Hey, will you let me win for this hint next time ;-)

  5. Standard member gotti2000
    The winemaker
    06 Dec '02 18:31
    Great that's it.

    I'll let Rhymester know. Probably we can get his 'slowmotion
    RedHotTed'-Avatar moving a bit faster!