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  1. 02 Nov '07 13:50
    In my game (id 4118343) the computer allowed opponent to move pawn d5-c6 when there was not a piece on c6 to take.

    I had moved my pawn to c5 previously. This move would have been bad for opponent.

    Has this happened to anyone before? I do not want to lose or have strategy defeated due to site errors or possible cheats.

    Please let me know if this has happened and how to remdy the situation.

    Very much appreciated!
  2. 02 Nov '07 13:55
    you may want to read up on the rules of chess - look at the FAQ for en passant
  3. 02 Nov '07 14:00
  4. Standard member Phlabibit
    Mystic Meg
    02 Nov '07 14:02 / 2 edits
    Game 4118343

    This game is also in progress, thread closed.


    The reasoning behind this rule goes back to when the pawn could NOT move 2 squares. Moving two squares was added later because the start of the game this happened often enough they decided moving 2 would speed the game up.

    The problem is that you could now jump past the approaching pawn. Before you could take it always, so the added this rule to protect the game as it was.

    If a pawn tries to jump past another pawn, it can be taken just like the old rules allowed. If you were not able to take this pawn, it would actually change the game more than this strange rule.