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Help Forum

  1. 06 Oct '03 00:07
    How's this for a possible solution to people being timed out on vacation?

    Have a 'delete' or 'expired' option appear if the time eloted for the game expires. So IF the game gets deleted, no points are lost or gained.

    One possible drawback is having a good/fun game deleted. If that's the case, then perhaps a restoration process can be developed to cater to those individuals.

    With this kind of system, vacation settings can't be taken advantage of, and all the points are ultimatly aquired by a genuine win, loss or draw. Any other acquisition of points just serves to invalidate the rating system, and isn't really true to the spirit of the game.

    My 2 cents anyway, what do ya think?
  2. 06 Oct '03 01:11 / 1 edit
    The problem with that idea is that it would get abused by people more interested in their ratings than the game - in a losing position, they could just stop playing, and thus avoid having their rating lowered by a loss. If there is no time-out that affects ratings, there is no impetus for these people to play on or resign.

  3. 06 Oct '03 02:04
    yeah that's totally true. Perhaps there's a way to hash it out a little further, because if people did that, it would be pretty obvious. At least I think so.

    The current system seems to be abused by people only concerned about their rating as well. It would be nice to find a way to eliminate that.

    I guess no matter what system you come up with, there will always be people who well exploit it. What a shame....