1. Joined
    06 Sep '19
    06 Sep '19 23:042 edits
    I'm trying to click on the Stripe payment method and it isn't working.
    It just stays on the subscription payment option page.
    I don't want to create a PayPal account with all the email/password/creating an account crap.
    I just want to send the money...

    Well it's probably my fault.
    Considering I posted this in the chess forum when I thought it was the help forum.
    My phone has a lot of restrictions and crap so maybe it's me not knowing how to use these damn phones.

    Please send this to the help forum 😉
  2. SubscriberRuss
    RHP Code Monkey
    RHP HQ
    21 Feb '01
    09 Sep '19 11:51

    Can you try again please?

    If you click the green buttons, you should be taken to a payment page (hosted by Stripe.com). If this is not the case, can you let me know what Operating System and browser you are using, as this will need a quick fix. Thank you.