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Help Forum

  1. Standard member Nemesio
    31 Dec '02 15:08
    The part of the program the detects check is somewhat late in the process. That is, when I place
    an opponent into check and it reloads the board (assuming I have no other moves waiting) it does
    not indicate to me that he is in check. Similarly, if I should move out of check and reload the
    board, it still indicates that I am in check.

    Refreshing the board, of course, results in a correct evaluation of the board (either way).

    If I have worded this in a fashion incomprehensible to the programmers of this site, let me know
    and I will explain.
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    31 Dec '02 15:44
    Don't worry - I follow you. 😉

    I was aware of this, but thanks for raising it (surprisingly, I don't think anyone ever has before!).