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Help Forum

  1. 20 Jan '08 13:02
    I need ur proffesional opinion i am a kinda chess player 🙂 my father wants to buy me something like superb laptop for chess but i don have any idie whats the max requirements for Fritz 10 or 11 plz help me ! With ur advices here on pm or the.wise06[at] thx a lot !!!!
  2. 20 Jan '08 14:07 / 1 edit
    I know that but when the engine start to think did not think depth 37/37 its doing awfully 17/37 My lap top is Intel 1.7 dual 1 gigabait ram ATI512 80 Giga HDD thats on blitz game i am perfectionalist i didnt know the right word !
  3. 26 Jan '08 09:42
    Doesn't chessbase fritz 11 support Window XP? The requirements are Vista, Pentium 2.2 etc