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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 21 Jul '13 10:59
    my opponent has used all his timebank but I havent got a scull
  2. Subscriber Ponderable
    21 Jul '13 11:22
    The only game I found at your list is
    Game 10014358

    here your opponent has still time to move.

    It is always easier if you give some detail, so somebody can trace the problem.

    Oh and if there is a game without moving time and timebank and the skull (or vacations sign) won't show it would be a good case for the feedback.

  3. 22 Jul '13 09:44
    sorry for my lack of information, and thanks
  4. 22 Jul '13 15:44
    And I cannot see my opponents preferes of moves frequencis. It is immportannt to know it.