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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 26 Jan '07 21:57
    I am a non-subscriber (yes... I am seriously considering subscribing) and am currently playing six games (the legal limit for my type!) Someone just challenged me to a seventh game!!! Is this OK to play or will one of my other games be deleted or maybe a tear in the universe or some other undesired effects be incurred? 🙄
  2. Standard member celticcountry
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    26 Jan '07 22:22
    Suck it and see.

    Whoever created this sight is quite devious. They have deliberately written code to stop nonsubscribers from playing more games than their allowance.

    I think this should change, I will suggest it in the suggestions forums.
  3. 26 Jan '07 22:28
    Sorry, I may not have been too clear. I am currently playing the seventh game (to which I was challenged), but I don't want to lose/forfeit any of the other games I'm playing. Does anybody know what will happen if I continue into this dark and unexplored territory?
  4. Standard member celticcountry
    Copyright ©2001-2006
    26 Jan '07 22:33
    Its either a glitch in the site. or you were recently a subscriber and are not now?

    ill try and create a seventh..unless it has to be a challenge. I cant answer. I shouldnt have perhaps.
  5. 27 Jan '07 02:34
    Keep shtumm or they'll all want 7.