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  1. 10 Aug '15 12:48
    Russ and Others,
    Does anyone else have the following problem? I seem to have trouble keeping and selecting the smaller internet slide bar to the right of the Analyze Board game board window after I choose "Analyze Board" for my game with Macnumer.

    I am using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11 with
    Perhaps, this is how things are for me:
    1. I place the mouse cursor on the right edge of the Analyze Board window for my game and wait a short amount of time.

    2. The longer slide bar on the right side of the window disappears and the smaller slide bar image appears so that I can "carefully" move over to it for sliding the bar for individual moves of the game.

    3. If I slide over "too much" on the smaller slide bar at the right side, it disappears and the longer slide bar reappears..

    It would be nice if the slide bar automatically showed in the Minimized Window of my game in the Analyze Game board without having to be so careful at waiting and choosing it in the Minimized Window size.

    If I maximize the game board in the Analyze Board Mode to the full width of the screen, then the smaller slide bar remains and is easy to maneuver in and slide up and down for individual moves.

    Can this moving around procedure with the smaller slide bar be fixed so that the smaller slide bar shows up automatically in a minimized window without having to select it so carefully and without it disappearing so easily? If I remember right, the appearance and choosing of the smaller bar used to work properly until not too long ago.
  2. 19 Aug '15 11:29 / 1 edit
    Russ and Others,
    I am using Windows 7, Internet Explorer 11 and

    I opened up a game window for my game with macnumer. I selected Analyze Board for that single game. After the Analyze Board came up, I tried to make the game board smaller in size by pointing the mouse pointer on the right side slide bar of the game and using "CTRL+ the mouse wheel" to resize the game window to a smaller size. After I did, I saw the smaller slide bar to the right of the game like I wanted to see instead of the larger slide bar constantly popping up and getting in the way of being able to choose the smaller slide bar.

    By chance, I found that this method of making the game board smaller in size solved my problem. Now the larger slide bar to the right of my game in Analyze Board mode doesn't appear in the way of the smaller slide bar to the right of my game so that I could easily go up and down the moves list with the smaller slide bar via the mouse. Therefore, my problem seems to be solved.