1. Garner, NC
    04 Nov '05
    26 Nov '18 21:45
    I could not find this in the FAQs nor in the settings. I recently promoted a pawn and have no recollection of selecting a queen. I am almost certain my memory is correct that it automatically promoted to a queen.

    This was not an issue in the game in question since I would have chosen a queen anyway, but I want to be able to control manually. Is there a setting for default promotion that I'm overlooking?
  2. Donationmwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    25 Feb '01
    26 Nov '18 22:30
    There will be an option window to select your choice near the 'submit move' button. The default is a queen since that is the most common choice, so if you do not change it that is what you will get if you just submit your move.

    You can test this on a game when it is your move by making an illegal pawn move to the last rank. Then look near the 'submit' button and you should see it.

    I guess it might be helpful if Russ highlighted this window when it is visible by changing it to a bright color or making it flash on and off or something.

    Or maybe he should change it so that it does not have a default at all. It could just be a flashing blank window until you select the piece you want, then it would allow you to submit the move.