Update: Fingers

Standard memberUfim
Help 03 Oct '18 16:40
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    22 Nov '10
    03 Oct '18 16:40
    I can’t use this site on my phone. Very anoying.

    I want to complain about the update. Regarding this. I try to set conditionals. My fingers is not perfect. Meaning. I can’t, at least it is very very hard to do.

    I try to set a conditional. Not working since it is very tiny pieces. It is a lot of white on each side. (Please make the board bigger while mode; set conditionals).
  2. SubscriberRuss
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    21 Feb '01
    03 Oct '18 16:51
    Can you provide details about which phone you are using please?
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    22 Nov '10
    03 Oct '18 21:01
    @russ said
    Can you provide details about which phone you are using please?
    I log in using www.chessatwork.com black is way better than red. Iphone 7 (?) Not x. Latest os update. Safari as a browser. I dont have acess to a wifi conecction today. Will download chrome ASAP.

    Very fast feedback. Thanks a lot!

    P.S. As a chessplayer i only care about one thing. Usabuility. Meaning. I don’t beleave it for a second. Not even a millisec. But.

    The doctors say to me this; You have some sort of Apergers.

    I think the site look very designy. The features are easy to find. Perhaps a little too much but hey! It’s a new millennia. Perhaps they will stay this way for the next ten years.

    P.P.S. There is some programming expression saying; to put css on a form is a black arts trick. (Not the exact words). I guess it also aplies to chess sites.

    And. I have a hard time adapting to the right left thing on the menues. Before everything was to the right upper corner. It has moved. Dunno if I will get used to that. Time will tell. 😉