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  1. 15 May '17 13:46
    I don´t know how but I ran across a topic on Help subforum which is now closed (topic, not the subforum 😉...) and I can´t help saying my suggestion again, although it is not my idea it is just usual regulation of vacations.

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    My opponent's time has expired and he has admitted that he is using the Vacation feature to avoid the timeout loss. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I would think that this would be considered somewhat unethical. My question is, are there any rules governing this type of behavior, for or against? I'm not sure if this is a factor but this is a tournament game. I welcome all suggestions and/or comments. Thank you for your time.
    Peace, Bob
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    Quote 2, the answer
    This crops up regularly in "hardcore" tournaments. His behaviour is unethical and unsportsmanlike, but it isn't actually against the site rules. We've asked several times for "hardcore" tournaments to be excluded from the vacation system, but so far it hasn't happened.

    In the meantime, I'd suggest that you "name and shame", and make a point of being very careful with your own times, even turning on your own vacation flag at the last minute if necessary. His 36 allowed days will run out eventually, and he won't be able to do the same thing to anyone else in 2017.

    Hopefully, the weight of complaints will eventually force the site owners to close this loophole.

    I suggest again that vacation system should - as in numebr of other siets as gameknot or chessworldt - which means the following:
    1 - vacation starts immediately after choosing vacation days (not like here, after God knows how many hours, maybe next day)
    2 - vacation STOPS the clock
    3 - player has 45 days for vacation

    I see no reasons that vacation should not affect hard core games.
    Time out is time out.
    If vacation stopped the clock - as it should and it is the meaning of time out - it would be no other problems.

    Taking time out is no more "unfair" than "thinking deeply until flag falls".

    Vacation like this - with clock continuing clicking - is not real vacation, but leaves the player with hanging flag "after" vacation.

    I know nothing will be done, all right, just wanted to say this.